Brainboxes apply predefined gameplay features and functionalities such as data, motion, and outcomes to an asset such as:

  • Movement—Brainboxes that make an asset move on its own or allow the player to control its movement.
  • Physics—Brainboxes that make an asset move naturally  as if affected by gravity.
  • Othermiscellaneous Brainboxes that, for example, define what happens to an asset when it collides with other objects.

To add a Brainbox to an asset do following steps:

  1. In the Asset panel, select an asset.
  2. In the Options panel, click the Add Brainbox button on the bottom.
  3. Click a Brainbox to select it.

After adding a Brainbox to an asset, its attributes appear in the Options panel where users can adjust their values as needed.

Each Brainbox also has its own set of nodes that make up its functionality.

  • In an asset node map, you will see a group square that contains all of the nodes associated with the Brainbox.
  • Some of the nodes may have custom scripts written specifically for these Brainboxes.
  • To move a group of nodes that make up a Brainbox, click an empty area of the black square then drag it to the desired location.

For details on accessing the Node Map and adding nodes to it, see Node Map Workspace.