The Buildbox Showcase

A few of our favorites.

Below you’ll find a few of our favorite games made with Buildbox.  You’ll see everything from #1 puzzle games to platformers.  If you want to see some of Apple’s favorite Buildbox games, and also games that have broken the Top 100, then make sure to check out our All-Star section as well.

Birds Run: Epic Adventure Dash

Black Hole Can’t Escape

Mazy Maze

Finger Drift

Dream On A Journey

Switchy Dank

Sorority Rites – Kinetic Visual Novel

Hell Pit – Finger Skill

Jump Over It

Fly Spider

Pipeline Push

Laser Cat Craft

Portal Rage


Pixel Knight: Fantasy Forest

360 Maze

Wall Switch

Spirit Line


Reverse Bounce

Plummet Dash

Nubis Jump

Mannequin Challenge 2k16

Magnet Hopper

Flappy Pong


Circle Hurdle

Circle Bounce!


Space Golf Asteroids

The Cool Cat – Paws Of Furry