No Pilot


About the Game

In the city of Seklan, the mechanical family was captured and lost their freedom because of the interference of the energy towers. After endless humiliation, they have awakened some semi-finished robotic spaceships from dormancy in the corner of a warehouse. Carrying all the hope of the mechanical family, this unmodified spaceship is trying to escape this dark cage.
Play mode
Simply tap the screen to control the altitude of the spaceship from crashing. Don’t forget to avoid all obstacles from the explosion! The ultimate mission is to unlock all spaceships while discovering different planets and finding the escape route!

Key Features:

  • Incredible reactivity needed to play
  • Enormous amount of spaceships to unlock
  • Multiple planets to discover
  • Eye-catching visual style
  • Invite your friends to join us

You are the only hope of the mechanical family, so DON’T CRASH!


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