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Pixelbox Walkthrough

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We’re excited to announce the release of Pixelbox! Pixelbox is a brand new software that makes graphic design easy for game creators. With Pixelbox, you can quickly create different user interfaces, app icons, 2D art, and much more. Unlike most graphic design software, Pixelbox makes it simple to design stunning intuitive UI’s and graphics for your game. There are tons of templates and presets built-in the software to give you guidance and inspiration for your …

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Soundbox 2.0

Soundbox 2.0 Walkthrough

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We’re excited to announce the release of Soundbox 2.0! Soundbox 2.0 is the only audio production software created solely for game developers. With this software, you can create your own sound effects and music for your game just like a professional sound designer. Soundbox 2.0 is the ultimate sound design software for game developers. It features thousands of sounds and music loops that can be mixed and match to make unique sound effects and theme music for your …

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Animationbox 2.0 Walkthrough

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We’re excited to announce the official release of Animationbox 2.0! With this brand new software, you can create amazing characters and animations in your game. Animationbox 2.0. Is designed to be extremely easy to use while advanced enough to allow users to create the most professional animations possible. Just like …

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Mystery Box Software 5

Mystery Software #5

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It’s Day 5, and the final day of our Mystery Software Week. We hope you’ve been having fun! If you’re just joining us, all this week we’ve been revealing never-before-seen screenshots every day from one of our FIVE new pieces of upcoming software. This new collection of game dev software is two years in the making! Today’s “leaked” screenshots show …

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