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The Ultimate Video Game Maker

With Buildbox, creating games is simple.  There is no programming or scripting needed.  Just import images, assign them properties and build out your game.  Use one of our many presets to get started and preview your game in real time.

Drag and Drop Video Game Maker
Buildbox Video Game Maker Gameplay

Unlimited Game Creation

With Buildbox, your options are endless.  This video game maker can create nearly any 2D game imaginable.  Edit gameplay, characters, logic pieces and more to build something unique.

Chart Topping Video Games Made Here

Since it’s release, Buildbox has made more Apple Features and Top 100 hits than any other drag and drop video game maker

Chart Topping Games

Buildbox is used by the best video game makers.  Are you ready to join them?

The best things about Buildbox are how easy it is to build a game and how quickly you can build a game. I built a game in a week that is now on course to gain 100 million downloads. If I didn’t have Buildbox my life would not have taken a 180 degree turn the way it has. BuildBox is the tool that changed my life and enabled me to do this business full time.

Rapid Development - Buildbox Video Game Maker

Insanely Fast Development

Buildbox is the fastest development tool ever created. Hit games like Color Switch and The Line Zen were made in a single week using Buildbox… and that’s just the beginning.

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Top Notch Support

We have tutorials , manuals and personal email support for any customer who needs it

Amazing Community

Join our active forums to learn how to use Buildbox

The All Stars

Come check out the best games created with Buildbox so far

Buildbox is the best drag and drop game builder ever created. We use it exclusively in our business to create awesome games fast without any coding. We have been featured 10 times by Apple, all games were built with Buildbox.

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