Below you will find tutorial videos for the majority of features in Buildbox 2.  Check back as we will be adding videos on a consistent basis. We also have Buildbox 1 tutorial videos available if you are using the previous release.  Also, make sure to check out the Make Your Own Game series as well.

Getting Started

Getting Started 1

Getting Started 2

Getting Started 3

Getting Started 4

Getting Started 5

Getting Started 6


Multiple Character Selector

Using Creator

Character Assets

Object Assets

Background Assets

Scene Selection Bar

Sub Assets

Game Preview


Actions, Effects & Logic

Lock Button

Menu Jump

Portal and Gatekeeper Logic Piece

Logic Transform

Mirror Effect

Particle Effect

Flag Effect

Trail Effect

Light Effect

Power Up Assets

Advanced Power Up Assets

Monetization and Export

Advertisement Settings

Advanced Featuers

Object Components

Character Components

Advanced Character Assets

Advanced Object Assets

Advanced Sub Asset Options