About the Game

You feel bored? You want to kill time? You want your children to play a funny game? You want to challenge your friends?

Then this game is for all of you!!

MAPW Entertainment brought to you (((Rocket Adventure))) !!

It has two modes:

1- Infinite mode: Go as far as you can, avoid any obstacles like (meteors, mountains, space stations … etc) and compete with your friends.

2- Story mode: Make an adventure to a new galaxy, save your rocket passengers
and find the new home for the humans.

* Swipe right, left, up and down to control the rocket.
* Avoid any obstacles like (meteors, mountains, space stations … etc.)
* Try to take the shield or the laser gun to save you from the obstacles.
* Take the magnet to catch any power up in your way.
* You can take the game speed reducer to reduce your rocket speed and focus more on the mountain edges.

Rocket Adventure is a simple game with awesome features for you to explore.
EASY TO PLAY with only 1 finger.
CHECKPOINTS IN THE INFINITE MODE: to continue from where you left if you crashed.


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