About the Game

rick zen is a hyper casual game, a modern revamp of the original classic arcade – the brick breaker game.
One of the best games for the 90s kids, the brick breaker game would never make us feel tired of playing it because of its relaxing casual game play.

Feeling down ? Put on a headset and let’s play brick zen 😇😍

Designed to make you relax – While developing Brick zen, the first thing we kept in mind was to give the user the most relaxing game experience. With a Zen music in the background we bet you can play this endless runner game forever.

Brick Zen – the introduction – zen game🎮✌️

The best arcade game of the 90s is undoubtedly the best brick game which reached millions of users. With minimal ads, a great zen music experience and a relaxing casual game mode, we designed it to be the best relaxing game ever made.


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