City Danger 


About the Game

Your construction company has gone mad! Save as many innocent people as possible and catch all thieves!
Start on a journey through the most important cities of the world (Chicago, New York, Paris, Bucharest, Sydney, Tokyo or London), explore all the continents and save the honor of your construction company.
In this reflex tap throwing game free you can play two game modes: time & endless. Throw bricks to destroy the thieves running around the city. Can you show immense throw precission and not hurt the citizens, but only the thieves? In this reflex tap retro arcader you need to wait for the right moment to tap tap – so show calmness to become the best.
Prove your skill and precision, resolve all levels and become all time best thrower. In this retro arcade,​ you can also challenge your friends with the live score leaderboard. Moreover, find out new things about each city when finishing a level. Learn the geography of the world by playing!
City Danger is a one-tap casual, educational game that develops your power of concentration and dexterity by constantly challenging new, harder levels. It’s a mix of shoot target game and retro arcade game that features that pixel retro graphics.
Find out now how far you can get on your journey around the world!


  • One Tap Gameplay
  • 7 Big Cities from around the World and more to come
  • Changing Weather
  • Lots of Levels and Facts

Start your reaction tap adventure in the city and throw bricks to save your citizens from the dangerous thieves.
Download City Danger now for free!
Designed and built with quality materials by the Wyverin Entertainment engineers.

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