Buildbox 4 Is Now Available: Make Games With AI

By April 11, 2024Buildbox

The future of game development is here! We’re thrilled to announce that Buildbox 4 is now available to the public. Our new AI game engine will empower you to create stunning, immersive games in minutes, regardless of your experience level. 

Simply enter your prompt, and our advanced AI will pull game assets, generate entire scenes, and even assist you in editing levels as you build out your game. 

With its intuitive tools and AI-powered assistance, you can focus on designing the game of your dreams. From out-of-this-world platformers to action-packed adventures, the only limit is your imagination. Get ready to have fun and bring your game ideas to life like never before.

Buildbox 4 AI Features: 

  • Assets & Animations at Your Command: Type “Add a car,” and it’s there. Effects like fire, water, fog, and snow are all at your command.
  • AI Scene Generation: Describe the scene you want, from eerie graveyards to neon cities, and build entire game environments in minutes.
  • Fast AI Editing & Gesture Drawing Tools: With a quick click or swipe, you can make changes with AI and gesture-based drawing tools on the fly.
  • AI Node Creation: Let the AI modify node game logic or even write custom nodes for you. No coding is required.

Our expanded library of graphics and objects gives you the building blocks to create virtually anything you can imagine. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to making games, Buildbox 4’s streamlined interface puts the power of game development in your hands.

Note: Currently, this public version of Buildbox 4 AI is only available for Windows. Don’t worry, we’ll be releasing an updated version for Mac users soon! 

Get started with Buildbox 4 today and experience the power of AI for yourself!

Start Your FREE Trial Today!

All current Buildbox 3 subscribers get the equivalent Buildbox 4 plan access for free. Buildbox 3 Plus subscribers will receive Buildbox 4 Basic. Buildbox 3 Pro and Bundle subscribers will receive Buildbox 4 Pro. 

We’re so excited about Buildbox 4 that we want everyone to experience it for themselves. That’s why we’re offering a FREE 5-day trial with our new weekly subscription option. 

More information on the available plans can be found on the pricing page.

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