About the Game

TinyPix Warriors is an endless action and arcade game with 8-bit pixel warriors and heroes who fights to restore peace on their land.Shoot throw jump is the key tatics of this stratergic pixel game. Journey through Portal, Slopes and Floors in TinyPix Warriors ~Shoot Throw Jump.Fight your enemies and clash with heroes in different world scenarios like floors, slopes and portals and encounter with various pixel enemies of different speed and fire power.
TinyPix Warriors ~Shoot Throw Jump gives you an hours of never-boring gameplay.Defeat your enemy and gain your points.Unlock your pixel warriors and heroes and clash with the enemy for freedom.
The Features of TinyPix Warriors ~Shoot Throw Jump are
3 Different World Scenarios
All types of pixel warriors with specialized skills: Warriors, Gunners, Ninja Bladethrowers, Bombers, Laser Shooters, Wizard, Archers with bow and arrow, Cops
About 20 + Pixel Warriors.io/Heroes and Villains
Unlimited and endless gameplay
Different speed and gameplay with fire power
Game Coins to unlock your pixel heroes
Clash on different scenes like slopes, floors and portals


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