What’s new in Buildbox 3.2

  • New Attributes to the following nodes:
    • Trail 3D Node
      • Position Mode—how each trail asset spawns and follows the object’s movement path.
      • Rotation Mode—how each asset in the trail asset rotates when following the object’s movement path.
    • Sound Node
      • Volume— enter a decimal value from 0-1 to change the sound volume.
  • New Action Node
    • Set UI Text—changes the text of a specified UI Label.
  • Sliders for the following attributes:
    • Mass
    • Friction
    • Bounce
    • Incandescence
  • New nodes
  • The Timer node contains the following changes:
    • Pause input.
    • Time Value output.
    • Reverse and Time Value Format attributes.

3D Animation Support


  • 2D Worlds
    • To rotate an object 45 degrees, select the rotate tool, hold shift and drag an axis handle.
  • 3D Worlds
    • Ground object that covers an entire scene and provides a solid platform for dynamic assets.


  • Unused textures are removed when Buildbox opens a project.
  • Alpha channel support
    • Enabled transparency in textures
    • The texture area without the transparency can cast shadows onto other objects.

UI Changes

  • Color coded axis fields
  • Tabs and home button in the Navigation bar, along with navigation control arrows.

Node Changes

  • Health node now contains Starting Health and Max Health attributes.
  • Several nodes now have a purple self reference output next their name.
  • Script nodes can now have colored inputs and outputs.
  • Move and Rotate nodes now contain a set of range attribute fields.
  • The following nodes are now available in the asset Node Map.

Ad Monetization

  • Facebook Analytics in the SDK tab of the Project Settings window.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Description
cmd/ctrl + [ Move the selected object down the hierarchy in the outliner.
cmd/ctrl + ] Move the selected object up the hierarchy in the outliner.