Ad Monetization

If you want to monetize your game, you need to decide how you want to design your game. For example, you can build the game and then place the ads as appropriate when you are done. Alternatively, you can design your game specifically around the ads you want to monetize on.

If you plan to export to iOS and want to include any ad SDKS in your game, you need to download Xcode 12 or later. This complies with the iOS 14 requirements and gives players the option to allow tracking.
Ad Types You Can Add

There three types of ads that you can add to your games:

  • Banner
    Static ads that display at the bottom of the UI screens. They allow players to continue interacting with your game without interruption. Players can click the ad to access an external link or close the ad as desired. 
  • Interstitial
    Ads that appear across the entire screen and interrupt the game. Players can click the ad to access an external link or close the ad and continue playing your game.
  • Rewarded Video
    Optional full-screen, skippable videos that players can watch in exchange for a non-liquid, in-app reward after viewing the entire ad. Examples of rewards are: access to new levels, an extra life, continued play, points, coins, or something else without monetary value, depending on the asset nodes you select as rewards.
What You Need to Know
  • To use ad monetization, you need to add the ad network, such as AdMob or ironSource, that you want to use for your ads. This requires having an account with the selected network. For details, see the SDKs Project Settings.
    • If you have multiple networks added, ads will be first displayed from the network that is listed first.
    • ironSource does not support banner ads. This means that banner ads will be displayed only if there is another ad network added to your project.
  • You can add banner and interstitial ads to the UI nodes in the respective Options panels and the game Start node.
    Since ads need to be preloaded when the game starts, banner and interstitial ads added to the Start node on the Mind Map will not appear on the Start UI screen when it is first loaded. They will be displayed only if the player chooses to replay the game.
  • You can add rewarded videos by adding the Rewarded Video monetization node to the game assets that you want to trigger the videos.

To add an ad to your game:

  1. On the Buildbox menu bar, select File > Project Settings.
  2. In the displayed Project Settings window, click the SDKs tab.
  3. Click the appropriate App Store, for example, iOS or Android.
  4. In the middle of the screen, click Add and select the network you want to use.

    The selected ad network settings appear.
  5. Fill in the settings as described in the SDKs Project Settings and if needed, click Add to select more networks.
  6. When done, click OK.
  7. For banner and interstitial ads, on the Mind Map, select the Start node and/or UI nodes where you want to display the ads, and in the respective Options panels on the right, do the following:
    1. Select the Banner Ad and/or Interstitial Ad checkboxes.
    2. In the respective Ad Frequency fields, enter the number of times you want the ad to appear. For details, see UI Node Attributes.
      For the game Start node, no frequency options are available in its Options panel.
  8. For rewarded videos, open the Node Map of the asset that you want to trigger the video and add the Rewarded Video monetization node to it. For details, see Adding Asset Nodes.
  9. Define the rewarded video logic as described in Rewarded Video.
  10. When ready, export your project.

If you would like to integrate custom ads into your game, see Custom Ads.