Content Nodes

These nodes allow you to define the shape of the selected object or character and add special effects, such as animation, sounds, text, and so on.

For details on how to add a content node to a character or object in a game, see Adding, Editing, and Deleting Nodes.

Node  Icon Description Customizable?
3D Model Defines a 3D mesh that provides a shape to a character or object. No
Animation Creates a 2D plane that plays a PNG sequence or displays an image. No
Sound Plays an MP3 file. No
Label Displays a text area across the associated asset. If the asset is moved or rotated, the text will move and rotate with it. No
Trail Creates an image that will stretch along a path as an asset changes position. No
Trail 3D Spawns multiple specified assets that follow behind the controlling asset in a trail. Yes
Billboard icon Shows an image that will always face the camera. No