Animation Node

This content node creates a 2D plane that plays a PNG sequence or displays an image.

Option Description
Name Type a custom name for this node, if you have many of the same types of nodes.
Animation To add a PNG sequence, drag all PNG images associated with that sequence to this area.

To edit the properties of a PNG sequence, click the Edit icon in the top-right corner to open the Animation Editor.

Color Click the color field to change the color of the asset.

If the Animation attribute as an image attached, this attribute will apply a color overlay on top that image.

Additive Blending Select to make the image (or animation) add a glow effect to any graphics or 3D models objects underneath it.
3D Mode Select to show the Billboard Mode attribute. Clear to hide the Billboard Mode attribute
Depth Order Enter a numeric value to determine which animation node will be placed on top if there are multiple animation nodes in this asset’s node map.
Billboard Mode Select an option to determine how the image automatically faces the camera in the game:

  • Point—the image will change its rotation in the game to always point towards the camera.
  • Plane—keeps the image aligned with the camera view at all times.
2 Sided Select to show the image on both sides of the plane.
Position To offset the position of the 3D model, enter the appropriate X, Y, or Z axis values.
Position To move the 2D plane without moving the entire asset, enter the appropriate X, Y, or Z axis values.
Rotation To rotate of the 2D plane without rotating the entire asset, enter the appropriate X, Y, or Z axis values.
Scale Enter a numeric value in the X and Y axis fields to change the size of the image.