Movement Nodes

These nodes apply different types movement or motion to an asset that they are attached to. See also Making Characters Jump and Objects Move.

For details on how to add a movement node to a character or object in a game, see Adding, Editing, and Deleting Nodes.

Node Icon Description Customizable?
Move Allows the asset to travel in the direction specified in the axis values. Yes
Jump Launches a Dynamic asset into a direction that is defined in the axis values. Yes
Set Scene Speed Changes the scene’s path speed. Yes
Motor Propels a hinge linker object forward. Yes
Path Move Allows the asset to move forward on a continuous path in the direction of the End Point. Yes
Float Allows the player to keep an asset afloat before and prevent it from falling to ground level. Yes
Rotate Allows the asset to rotate along the specified axes. Yes
Bounce Applies a continuous bouncing motion to an asset. Yes
Wave Applies a continuous wave motion pattern that shifts an asset into the specified direction then returns it to the point of origin at a consistent speed. Yes
Move In Direction Moves an asset in the direction specified by a UI Joystick asset in a UI screen. Yes
Glue Allows a dynamic asset to stick to another asset when they collide, and can only connect to the If Collide node. Yes
Gravitate Allows a dynamic asset to move and gravitate toward character assets. Yes
Velocity Drag Applies physics resistance to a dynamic asset’s movement and rotation. Yes
Speedometer Changes the text on a specified UI Label. Yes