Advanced Nodes

These nodes add advanced functionality and logic to an asset.

For details on how to add an advanced node to a character or object in a game, see Adding, Editing, and Deleting Nodes.

Node Icon Description
Texture Scroller Applies continuous movement to the textures on the surface of all 3D Models attached to the asset.
State Machine This node will keep only one input active at a time. Each input and output row represents a single state. When the input of one state is active, the other inputs of other states will immediately become inactive.
Remove Removes the asset from the World during gameplay.
Script Allows you to create a custom node in JavaScript.
Delay Delays the activation of the next node by the number of seconds specified.
Global Counter Keeps count of how many times this node has been activated, and once it has been activated by the amount of times specified by the Target amount, the Trigger output will activate any connected nodes.
Logger Creates a log entry that could be found in the Script Logs Panel inside the Preview Window.
Stick to Edge Maintains an asset’s position and size in relation to the screen size.