Action Nodes

Action nodes are used to make assets perform specific functionalities

For details on how to add an action node to a character or object in a game, see Adding, Editing, and Deleting Nodes.

Node Icon Description Customizable?
If Collide Creates a Collision Shape that triggers a reaction when a physics based object makes contact. No
Switch Alternates between two different outputs when activated. When output A is activated, output B will be the next output to be activated. Yes
Event Creates an Event within a World that can take the player to a different UI or world screen. No
Spawn Creates a specified asset in the scene at the current asset’s location. Yes
Defeat Removes the asset from the world while activating any attached nodes. Yes
Set Visibility Shows or hides all of the asset’s 3D models and images. Yes
Set Color Applies a color overlay to any 3D model or image in the asset. Yes
Set Random Color Applies a random color as an overlay to an asset that has a 3D Model node or an Animation Node. Yes
Set Background Color Changes the color of the world background. Yes
Camera Shake Applies a continuous shake to the camera. Yes
Camera FOV Animation Changes the camera’s field of view over time. Yes
Camera Position Animation Moves the camera in the direction specified by the axis values over time. Yes
Camera Rotation Animation Rotates the camera in a direction specified by the axis values over time. Yes
Camera Zoom Animation Sets the camera zoom amount over time. Yes
Position Limiter Keeps the asset position contained within a boundary specified by the minimum and maximum axis values. Yes
Position Animation Changes the asset position over time. Distance and direction specified in the axis fields. Yes
Rotation Animation Rotates an asset over time. Amount specified in the axis fields. Yes
Rotate Towards Rotates an asset to face the camera or another specified asset. Yes
Scale Animation Changes the asset size over time. Amount specified in the axis fields. Yes
Color Animation Changes the asset color over time.
Modify Timer Modifies the amount of time remaining in a Timer node. Yes
Timer Enables a number of seconds to be counted down before the Timeout output can activate another node. Yes
Set Ui Text Changes the text on a specified UI Label.
Wake Up Activates any attached nodes when a character comes within the specified distance. Yes
Add Point Increases the point score type by a specified amount. For details on how to display your score by score type, see Adding Score. Yes
Reset Resets the specified point score back to 0. Yes
Play Animation Plays the scene animation of the asset. Yes
Health Gives the asset Hit Points, or a health amount that determines when an asset is defeated. Also determines what happens when an asset has been damaged, healed and defeated. Yes
Damage Applies damage to this asset or one it collides with by subtracting from a Health amount specified by a Health Node. Yes
Heal Heals this asset or one it collides with by adding to a Health amount specified by a Health Node. Yes
Set Time Warp Changes the game speed. Yes
Random Activates one of its outputs at random based on a 0-1 numeric value. Yes
Random 5 Activates one of five connected nodes at random. Yes
Set Physics Changes the physics settings on an asset. This will override the physics settings on the start node. Yes
Send The Send nodes create a special kind of event for the Receive nodes to use and activate any connected nodes on a different asset. Yes
Debris Explosion Spawns multiple specified assets as debris in a burst outward from the center of the attached asset. Yes
Slingshot Launches a projectile in a given direction based on how far back the player pulls and aims the asset. Yes
Set Checkpoint Stores the current progress of the game or app. Yes
Load Checkpoint Loads the progress of the last checkpoint that was set in the game or app. Yes
Attract Makes the attached asset move towards another asset specified by an If Collide node. Yes
Haptic Feedback Activates a low or high vibration level on a mobile device. Yes