Modify Timer Node

This action node modifies the amount of time remaining in a Timer node.

This node contains an Apply input that, when activated, subtracts time from the timer in the current asset, or the one it collides with. The following example is an explosion with a countdown that decreases when the asset collides with an object.

Make sure there is only one timer in an asset. If an asset contains more than one timer, this node will modify the last activated timer.

Node Attributes

Option Description
Name Type a custom name for this node, if needed.
Amount Enter the amount of seconds you want to add or subtract from the timer node. A negative value subtracts from the timer’s current amount, while a positive value adds to the timer’s current amount.
Target Select an option to affect a timer in this asset, or an asset affected by an If Collide node.

  • Self—modifies the timer node in this asset.
  • Sensor—modifies the timer in an asset affected by an If Collide node.
If you want to affect a timer in another asset, select Sensor.
Sensor Name If the Target is set to Sensor type the name of the desired If Collide node.

If needed, you can also customize this node. For details, see Customizing Nodes.