Navigation Bar

This is the bar located at the top of the Buildbox window. It is common to all workspaces and allows you to navigate between them. For example, you’d use this bar to go back from the current workspace to the Mind Map, 3D World, or the Node Map of the selected asset.

  • The main workspaces are identified with an icon and the name that you assign to the assets or nodes in their respective Options panel.
  • The current workspace is always highlighted in orange.
  • To navigate to a different workspace, just click its name on the bar.
  • To access the Node Map of an asset, double-click it in the Asset panel of the 3D World, and the corresponding asset name appears on the Navigation bar.
  • To exit and close the Node Map of an asset, click the x next to its name.

The Navigation bar also provides a set of buttons that allow you to preview your game or test an individual scene, add fonts, and change your project settings.

Button Icon Description Video
Preview Allows you to preview the game or the solo scene, if selected in the Scene Selector. For details, see Preview and Testing. Preview Button and Preview Window

Preview Scene This button is present only in the World workspace. It allow you to preview your game by skipping all UI screens and preceding scenes in the World and starting from the current game scene. See also Preview and Testing.
Font Editor Opens the Font Editor where you can add and customize fonts for text you need to display in your game. Any fonts you add, will appear in the Labels section of the Asset panel in the World workspace or UI node workspace. Font Editor

Settings Allows you to define your project information, metadata, scoring options, and other settings for your game to prepare it for export to different platforms, sharing on social media, and so on. For details, see Project Settings. Project Settings