UI Asset Panel

This is the panel on the far left side of the UI workspace. It lists all assets added to the selected UI.

  • To add an asset to a UI screen, drag it to the UI Editor and position it as needed.
  • To extend the panel vertically, close the Helper.
  • To search for an asset in the Asset panel, enter its name in the Search field.
Name Description
Asset Library Click to open the Asset Library where you can preview and choose assets for your screen.

Tip: To close the library, click this button again.

Buttons These are six types of buttons with predefined functionality that you can add to the UI screen. For more details, see UI Buttons.
Logic Determines whether a scene or level is ready to move to the next when something has been fulfilled.

Logic assets are not visually present on the screen.
Labels These are fonts with predefined settings that you can add using the Font Editor.

Drag a font label to the UI Editor and do one of the following in the Font Options panel on the right:

  • To create a text label, enter its text in the Text field.
  • To add a score counter, select Score in the Function field and make the appropriate selections. For more on adding a score to a game, see Adding Score.
  • These are assets added from the Asset Library.
  • To delete an object, hover your mouse over it and click x.