Integrating Custom Ads

If you would like to integrate a different ad network into your game, you must have the following requirements:

  • Buildbox Pro subscription.
  • Willing to edit Java text files.
  • Access to the desired Ad Network’s instructions.

The following section will walk you through how to select the custom ad option before exporting your game.

  1. Export your game with a custom SDK.
    1. On the Buildbox menu bar, select File > Project Settings
    2. In the Project Settings window click the Application Store drop-down and select the desired Application Store.
    3. In the Bundle ID field, enter a unique identifier.
    4. Click the SDKs tab.
    5. Select the desired Application Store tab.
    6. Click the Add button and select Custom.
    7. Click OK.
    8. Follow the steps in Export a Game Project to optimize and export your game.
  2. Follow the instructions from your ad provider to edit the following files located in your exported game folder.
    In your Android project folder, locate the file.
    app > java > com > buildbox > adapter > custom.
    In your iOS project folder, locate the file.
    ios > BBPlayer