Health Node

This action node gives the asset Hit Points, or a health amount that determines when an asset is defeated. Also determines what happens when an asset has been damaged and defeated.

  • There is no need to connect this node to the Start node. When this node is attached to an asset, it will already be active.
  • Connecting a node to Reset will reset the health back to the specified amount.
  • When an asset receives damage from a Damage Node, the Damage amount set by the Damage node will be subtracted from the health amount.
  • When the Health amount has increased by any number, the asset is considered to be Healed.
  • When the Health amount has decreases by any number, the asset is considered to be Damaged.
  • Once the Health amount has reached 0, the asset is considered being Defeated.

Option Description
Name Type a custom name for this node, if needed.
Health The total Hit Points of an asset, and the amount of damage an asset can receive before being defeated.

If needed, you can also customize this node. For details, see Customizing Nodes.