Stick to Edge Node

This advanced node maintains an asset’s position and size in relation to the screen size.

This node only works with  UI Screens assets and will overwrite the current the asset’s position in the UI Editor.

This node automatically enabled when the asset is created or spawned in the game.

After you add this node to a UI asset, you need to specify the following:

  • Select the Side attribute to specify which side of the screen you want to place the asset, then specify the Horizontal and Vertical Distance depending on which side you chose.
  • The following lists each Side option as well as the Distance attributes you need to specify.
    • Bottom—Vertical
    • BottomLeft—Horizontal & Vertical
    • BottomRight—Horizontal & Vertical
    • Left—Horizontal
    • Right—Horizontal
    • Top—Vertical
    • TopLeft—Horizontal Dist. & Vertical
    • TopRight—Horizontal & Vertical

Node Attributes

Option Description
Name Type a custom name for this node, if needed.
Horizontal Dist. The distance measured from the right or left side of the screen to the asset’s center.
Vertical Dist. The distance measured from the top or bottom side of the screen to the asset’s center.
Side Select the side of the screen that the distance attributes will be measured from.

If needed, you can also customize this node. For details, see Customizing Nodes.