Keyframe Animation Node

This content node plays a 3D animation for a connected Sub Scene node.

  • To apply an animation to a Sub Scene that contains a 3D model with a skeleton, connect the purple reference output on the Keyframe Animation node to the Animation input of the desired Sub Scene node.
  • To play a 3D animation, connect the Play input of the Keyframe Animation node to the output of the desired node.
    • The example below shows a 3D animation playing when the asset is created or spawned.
  • To pause an animation, connect the Stop input of the Keyframe Animation node to an output of the desired node.

Node Attributes

Option Description
Name To create a custom name, type it here.
Animation After you import the desired 3D animation, click the drop-down and select the animation that you want to play. For more on importing animations, see Importing FBX with 3D Animations.
Looped Select the checkbox to make this animation play again every time it finishes playing.
Speed Enter a numeric value to determine the playback speed. For example:

  • A value of 1—normal speed.
  • A value of 2—double the speed.
Transition Time Enter a numeric value in seconds to set the time before playing a different animation.

See also, Importing 3D Animations.