8 Sided Animation Node

This content node changes an asset’s 2D animation based on the asset’s direction of movement or the direction it faces in a 3D World.

To apply animations to an asset that change based on the asset’s movement, do the following:

  1. Select the Mode attribute to determine when you want the animation to change.
    • Position Change—the asset’s movement in the X and Z direction.
    • Rotation Change—the asset’s rotation along the Y axis.
  2. Drag a PNG image sequence to each animation field. The animation will change when the asset moves or rotates in the following directions:
    Attribute Direction Axis Direction
    Up Forward Negative Z
    Up Right Forward Right Negative Z and Negative X
    Down Backward Positive Z
    Down Left Backward Left Positive Z and Positive X
    Left Left Positive X
    Up Left Forward Left Negative Z and Positive X
If the asset moves in a direction that does not contain an animation in its field, the current animation will continue to play.