Buildbox Revenue Share Details


The pricing plans described in the Buildbox Pricing Page apply to all new subscriptions and renewals on or after 3/1/2021.  

You may upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.  Any such change to your plan will take effect on the next day of your billing cycle.

Games published with ad monetization under all plans will required to implement the monetization mechanisms selected by AppOnboard. Any Buildbox Pro users may also implement third-party ad networks in addition to those mechanisms selected by AppOnboard.

AppOnboard Advertising Revenue sharing details:

  • If and when one of your games reach the monthly advertising revenue sharing thresholds listed on the Buildbox Pricing Page in a given calendar month based on your Subscription Plan in effect that month, you will be paid the corresponding share of net advertising revenue received by AppOnboard for that game in that month.
  • For existing subscribers, the advertising revenue share arrangements for games published prior to [the launch of the new ad monetization partner] shall remain the same. If you update or re-publish a previously published game, the revenue sharing terms set forth here will apply.

Your revenue sharing obligations:

  • You may monetize your games in other ways, for example, through premium sales, subscription fees, and/or in-app purchases (any such other revenue, “Independent Revenue”).
  • If and when one of your games generates Independent Revenue in excess of US$1,000,000 in a 12-month period, you agree to share with AppOnboard for the life of that game AppOnboard’s percentage of future Independent Revenue corresponding to your Subscription Plan.  

Payment details:

  • Payment from AppOnboard will made within 30 days of the applicable calendar month.
  • Minimum payout amount is $75. Revenue will accrue month-over-month until you hit that amount and then the payout will be made on the next payout cycle.
  • Payment from AppOnboard will be made in U.S. Dollars using PayPal’s Hyperwallet payment service.
  • From Paypal’s Hyperwallet service, you may transfer funds using the payout option of your choice.
  • Certain transfer and withdrawal fees will apply in accordance with PayPal’s terms.  These rates, together with currency exchange rates, will vary based on where you are located.