Trail Brainbox

This physics Brainbox creates a trail that traces along the asset’s movement path in a scene.

Brainbox Attributes

Attribute Description
Color To change the color of the trail, click the field and in the Colors window, choose a color.
  • To add a new image to the trail, drag a JPG or PNG file from your computer into the field.
  • To add a previous uploaded image to the trail, in the field , click the Edit button, and in the Sprite Editor, choose an image and click Save.
Fade Enter the amount of seconds you want the trail to remain visible before it starts to fade.

For example, a value of 5 allows the trail to remain completely visible and grow longer for 5 seconds before fading.

Width Enter a numeric value to specify the horizontal size of the trail.

Nodes in Brainbox group

After you add this Brainbox to an asset, a Trail node is added to the Node Map.