Keyboard Camera Controls Brainbox

This Advanced Platformer Brainbox allows the player to rotate the camera around an Animated Platformer asset with the assigned keyboard buttons.

This Brainbox requires the Animated Platformer Brainbox.

Brainbox Attributes

This Brainbox contains two attributes:

  • Left Turn—rotates the camera counter-clockwise.
  • Right Turn—rotates the camera clockwise.
Attribute Description
  • Each Button attribute has a default key assigned to it.
  • To assign a different keyboard button, click the field and press the key you want to assign on your keyboard.
  • The following keys are not supported: Ctrl, Alt, Shift, CMD, Opt.

Brainbox Node Group

After you add this Brainbox to an asset, a custom Platformer Rotate Camera node and two Keyboard Button nodes appear in the node map.