Add a Scene to a World

A scene is a section within a World (game level). If needed, see Glossary.

To add a scene to a 3D World:

  1. On the Mind Map, double-click the World node where you want to add a scene.
  2. In the World workspace, in the Scene Selector at the bottom, click the Add button on the far right.

    To duplicate an already existing scene, click it and press D on the keyboard. For more details on managing scenes, see Scene Selector.

    A new scene appears highlighted as a sequentially numbered button in the Scene Selector and as a Level Section with the same number in the Outliner, with the Start and End points displayed in the Scene Editor.

  3. If needed, in the Options panel on the right, type a custom name for the scene.
  4. Add the necessary assets to the new scene, define the desired logic, and test the scene.