Add a Game Level

A game level is a 2D World or 3D World in the game that contains all assets within a game and can be organized into sections called scenes. So basically to add a game level, you need to add a World. If needed, see Glossary.

To add a game level:

  1. On the Mind Map, from the Node panel on the left, drag the 3D World icon to the Mind Map grid.
    You can also right-click anywhere on the Mind Map grid and select Add New World or duplicate and existing World by pressing D on your keyboard. For details, see Adding, Editing, and Deleting Nodes.

    A new disconnected purple 3D World node appears on the Map.

  2. Depending on your game design, connect the node as appropriate, to the Start, UI, or Random node. For example, to ensure that the new game level is loaded at the start of the game, on the Start Node, click the Load output and drag a connector to the Load input of the newly added 3D World node.
  3. Double-click the new 3D World and add the necessary scenes and assets to it.