Create Characters

A character is an asset that the camera typically follows in the game, and which the player can control.

To create a character in a game:

  1. On the Mind Map, double-click the World node where you want to add a character.
  2. Inside the World, click Asset Library.
  3. On the Shapes tab, double-click the shape you want to make a character in your game.
  4. Click Asset Library to close it.
  5. In the Asset panel, under Objects, select the shape you’ve just added and drag it over the Characters section above (which may be grayed out, if you don’t have any other characters yet).
    The asset is now added to the Characters list.
  6. Select the shape under Characters.
  7. In the Options panel on the far right, do the following:
    1. In the Name field, type Character or any other name that would help you identify this asset as a character.
    2. In the Collision Group, select Character.
  8. If needed, change the collision shape of the character.

You’ve added a character to your game.