Level Selector Node

This action node allows the player to advance to the next scene after the World restarts.

This node contains two inputs:

  • The Enabled input allows this node to keep track of the current scene.
  • The Next input allows the player to advance to the next scene (after the start scene) after the World restarts.

The following is an example from the Character asset in the Progression template:

The Progression template contains a single world and and utilizes scenes as game levels. The following presents how the Level Selector node advances players to the next level:

When when the game begins, the Start scene begins, followed by scene 1, as shown at the top of the screen. After the character collides with the dotted line at the end, the If Collide node activates the Next output and the Delay node. After the delay node activates the Event (Finish) node, the game moves to the complete menu where the player can advance to the next level. After players click the play button, the game restarts the world and after the start scene finishes, scene now appears.

If needed, you can also customize this node. For details, see Customizing Nodes.