Circular Move Node

This movement node makes an asset orbit around a specific point in a scene.

If the asset is gradually descending or falling, make sure its physics is not set to Dynamic.

Node Attributes

Option Description
Name Type a custom name for this node, if needed.
Seconds Per Orbit Enter the number of seconds it will take for the asset to complete a full circle.
Radius Enter a numeric value to specify the radius of the orbit. The higher the number, the wider the orbit
Center Enter a numeric value in any of the axis fields to offset the center of the orbit.

For example, if the asset’s position in a scene is 0, 0, 0, and the Center is set to 0, 5, 0, then the center of the asset’s orbit will be 5 units higher than its original scene position.

Reverse Direction Select to reverse the direction of the movement.
Plane Select the plane the asset will orbit in.

  • XY—clockwise/counterclockwise along a horizontal plane.
  • XZ—forward/backward along a horizontal plane.
  • YZ—forward/backward along a vertical plane.

If needed, you can also customize this node. For details, see Customizing Nodes.