Add a Control Button in the UI

You can add a control button to the UI and use it as a control node for a character or an object.

  1. From the Mind Map, navigate to the UI node where you want to add a control button.
  2. In the UI node workspace, from the Asset panel, drag the Control Button to the UI Editor and define the button attributes as described in Control Button.
  3. On the Navigate bar, click Mind Map and on the Mind Map, double-click the World node where you want to use this button.
  4. Inside the World, in the Asset panel on the left, double-click the object or character where you want to use this button.
  5. Inside the Node Map of the selected asset, in the Node panel on the left, expand the Controls list and scroll down to the UI Button.
  6. Drag the UI Button node to the Map.
  7. In the Options panel on the right, in the UI Buttons list, select the name of the control button you’ve added to the UI screen.
  8. Connect the node as needed. For details, see the Node Reference.