The Vec2 class represents a vector in 2D space. Here is how you initialize one and get values from it.

let pos = new Vec2(0, 1);
log(pos); // output: {0, 1}
log(pos.x); // output: 0

Here’s more examples of its usage.

let a = new Vec2(1, 3);
let b = new Vec2(3, 7);
let sum = a.add(b); 
let length = a.length();
let sqrLength = a.sqrLength(); //squared length
let normalized = a.normalize();
let diff = a.sub(b);
let dotProduct =;
let distanceBetweenPoints = a.distance(b);

let factor = 2;
let scaled = a.scale(factor); 

let alpha = 0.5;
let lerp = a.lerp(b, alpha); 

let pivot = new Vec2(3,1);
let angle = Math.PI/4;
let rotated = rotateByAngle(pivot, angle);

let c = new Vec3(101, null);
let cxe = c.isXEmpty(); //false
let cye = c.isYEmpty(); //true

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