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Buildbox World Bit Roundup: SaveFish3, Fried Banana Run, John D Slamboo, and More!

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We’re back with another Buildbox World Bit roundup! The Buildbox community has been busy creating a ton of really fun games in Buildbox World, and they’re all available right now to play for FREE! This week, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite bits. We hope these cool bits inspire you to start creating in Buildbox and sharing your own bits in Buildbox World! Players must protect their …

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Buildbox World Quests

Buildbox World Now Has Quests

By | Buildbox, Game Dev Tips

Buildbox World also now features head-to-head tournaments where you can play against other players from around the world and win real prizes.You can put your gaming skills to the test by competing with other players for the highest score in popular bits like Two Way Attack to earn real prizes. Just tap the ‘Tournament’ icon from Box-E’s drop-down menu to compete. You can now explore, discover, and …

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Game Jam

November Buildbox Game Jam Honorable Mentions

By | Buildbox

We had lots of fantastic #NoCode games submitted for our November Buildbox Game Jam. Our community of no-code creators was on fire with our winter holiday theme and came up with some really awesome games. Choosing only three winners was difficult. Although we did choose the final Buildbox Game Jam winners, we have to mention some of the …

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Mars Mountain and A.P.E.X. Receive Major Feature by Apple

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It continues to be a banner year for Buildbox customers with 5 games featured by Apple just in the past 30 days. This week, the trend continues with two new Buildbox games:  Mars Mountain and A.P.E.X.Mars Mountain is the first Buildbox 2.0 featured game to hit the store!  This extremely fun game was created by the team at Tastypill and published by BulkyPix.  You will notice …

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