Buildbox World Bit Roundup: SaveFish3, Fried Banana Run, John D Slamboo, and More!

We’re back with another Buildbox World Bit roundup! The Buildbox community has been busy creating a ton of really fun games in Buildbox World, and they’re all available right now to play for FREE!  So, if you haven’t yet, be sure to download the app on iOS or Google Play by clicking the button below: 

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This week, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite bits. We hope these cool bits inspire you to start creating in Buildbox and sharing your own bits in Buildbox World!

Buildbox World Bit Roundup: This Week’s Highlights


Players must protect their fish in SaveFish3 by Ssk84 at all costs. Swipe away incoming obstacles and break barriers with a small ball shield to ensure your little fish buddy reaches his destination safely. Just one bump or collision can send your fish to the bottom of the sea. Be careful!

Fried Banana Run

In Fried Banana Run by LittleTinyGiant, players embark on a mission to help Youssouf pick up his favorite treat – fried bananas – in the big city. Slide, dash, and jump over obstacles while collecting fried banana slices and gems for a high score!

John D Slamboo

John D Slamboo 

John D Slamboo by HooGames drops players in a hostile jungle on a mission to take out the baddies and collect the loot. This polished 2D retro shooter features a pixelated jungle and hidden chests full of cash. Calling all Rambo fans, this game is a must-play. Get ready to shoot your way to victory! 

Ring Dash 3

Ring Dash (3)

Looking for a thrilling challenge? Try Ring Dash (3) by MisleadingJadeGaya18. In this game, players guide a ball through an endless maze of rings and everchanging blocks at lightning speed. Score points by collecting gemstones along the way!

You can find any of these Bits by entering the game’s name into the Buildbox World search bar!

Check Buildbox World often to see if there are any new Bits. Then, make and share your own Buildbox Bits by getting ideas from the games you find.

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