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Buildbox Game Spotlight: Typographical

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This week’s Buildbox Game Spotlight is Typographical by Nanovation and Coyowl Games.

Typographical is a remarkably beautiful game that feels like an interactive piece of art. Somewhat similar to Ustwo Games’ Monument Valley players enter a stunning world of mazes. Each letter shaped maze is filled with narrow loops, coins, portals, random obstacles and rotating platforms. Players must carefully guide their character to the nearest exit without colliding into any of the maze walls or obstacles.

Although it sounds simple, Typographical is quite challenging. Precision is key in this puzzle arcade game. Attempting to reach coins in tight areas can be deadly. If you’re one centimeter too close to the edge, it’s Game Over!

Alphabet or Numbers Your Choice

There’s two different playable chapters or game worlds featured in Typographical. The first chapter of mazes are based on the letters A-Z in the Alphabet. The maze representing the letter D for example, features a colorful minimalistic image of a dog with the shape of the D embedded in the image.

The second chapter of mazes are based on the numbers 0-9. The graphics in the game are killer. Very artistic. The game also features 17 unlockable characters ranging from white orbs and stars to effervescent snowflakes.

In Typographical there’s no set time limit on completing each maze. This slow pace style of gameplay combined with the soothing harp inspired music brings an almost Zen-like atmosphere to the game. It’s relaxing, fun and challenging. Nailing all three in a game is often hard.  Yet Typographical manages to do so, quite well.

Official Game Trailer for Typographical

You can check out Typographical on iOS right HERE.

Typographical was developed by Coyowl and published by Nanovation Labs. Coyowl is an indie game studio based in London, England. Founded in 2016 by Stylianos Kozadinos. The studio’s first game Bouncy Buddy was a huge success. It was featured by Apple 119 times. Buildbox was used to make both Bouncy Buddy and Typographical.

Typographical is the studio’s second game. It’s already been featured by Apple in Korea and has reached the #1 position in the word/puzzle category.

Typographical Featured by Apple

'Typographical featured by Apple alt image'

Typographical Featured by Apple in Korea


It only took Kozadinos 1.5 months to create the game while also working a full time 9-5 job. Not only is this a great example of what you can make using Buildbox but how anyone can use it in just their spare time to make ‘Apple Feature’ worthy games.

Buildbox is all about empowering everyday people just like Kozadinos to unleash their creativity and pursue their dream of making games. There’s no coding or programming skills required. You can make your own game regardless of your skill level or experience.

Big congrats to both team Nanovation and Coyowl Games on Typographical’s success!

We look forward to seeing even more phenomenal games and successes in the future.

If you’d like your game to be considered for our weekly Spotlight just post a link to it on our forum in the ‘Game Showcase’ section. You can also Tweet it with the hashtag #buildbox on Twitter. We will definitely check it out!

Top four buildbox games

Four Buildbox Games in the Top 15

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Currently four of the top 15 games in the App Store are Buildbox made: JuJu on the Beat #3, Water Bottle Flip Challenge 2 #10, Slip Away #11 and Color Switch #12. And all of these indie games were created with our game maker, which means that 26% of the Top 15 Games were made with Buildbox.

It’s always awesome to see our customers’ games perform so well in the charts.

At the time of this writing, Juju on the Beat by Anonymous Inc. is ranked #3 in the App Store. Based on the popular viral dance challenge, this arcade game has been climbing the charts. It was previously ranked #1 in the US and United Kingdom and ranked #2 in Canada, Sweden, and Australia. The game has managed to reach a top 100 position in over 80 different countries as well.

So what is Juju on the Beat?

Juju on the Beat (TZ Anthem) is a song and popular dance craze, created by two teenagers, Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion McCall. When the two boys posted a video of themselves performing the song and signature dance it instantly went viral. The video received 17 million views and garnished the attention of celebrities and athletes like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, the Philadelphia 76ers, Lebron James, and Gwen Stefani.

The success of the video led to the teens snagging a record deal and appearances on the Ellen Show and Live with Kelly. As seen below:

The arcade game Juju on the Beat created by Anonymous Inc has the instrumental version of the popular song playing in the background. Having the same name and song as the trending dance craze has helped the game to skyrocket up the charts.

Juju on the Beat is available for download on iOS and Google Play.

The Bottle Flip Challenge game by the team at TastyPill Games is also topping the charts. Ranked at #10, this arcade game also centers on a trending pop culture theme. The water bottle flip challenge.

If you’re not familiar with the ‘Water Bottle Flip Challenge’ it was started by a teenager named Mike Senatore who decided to flip a water bottle for his performance in the High School talent show.

Below is the original footage of Mike executing his ‘epic’ water bottle flip:

After the video was posted, it immediately went viral. Millions of people started filming themselves trying to execute Mike’s perfect bottle flip.

The Bottle Flip Challenge & The Games That Followed

Almost similar to what happened with the Flappy Bird phenomenon, the App Store has been flooded with Water Bottle Flip Challenge themed games. However, we’re proud to see … that TastyPill Games’ version which was built using Buildbox has been ranked #7 in the All Games category.

In the Water Bottle Flip Challenge game, players have to try to flip the bottle to the next platform before it begins to rotate. Due to that small change, of adding the rotating platforms, the game is surprisingly challenging.

Bottle Flip Challenge 2 is also available for download on iOS and Google Play.

While it may be hard to emulate Mike Senatore’s epic performance in real life or even in a game. Many indie games based on trending themes like the water bottle flip challenge have been rising on the charts.

Both Juju on the Beat and the Water Bottle Flip Challenge 2 are perfect examples of how you can use Buildbox to quickly turn any trend into a game.

Buildbox gives you the ability to easily create and publish to multiple platforms. The advanced features, placeholders and rapid development possible with our game maker enables anyone to immediately take action on a great idea or popular trend. Quickly turning your awesome idea into a game before anyone else gets the chance, will always give you a major advantage in the App Store.

Juju on the Beat is also a great example of this. It was the first game to be made based on the popular dance craze and it’s holding strong at #3.

Slip Away & Color Switch

Nanovation and Fabmika Games’ Slip Away which was released during the summer, is also still climbing the charts. It’s recent update has pushed the stunning underwater adventure to #11 in the charts.

Color Switch which was made in under a week using our software has reached over 100 million downloads worldwide. Most noteworthy, Color Switch, the #1 addictive game of the year received a recent update also. For the game’s update, the team at Fortafy joined forces with Dead Cool Apps to create a new game mode called ‘Circle.’ It looks amazing. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

You can download both Slip Away and Color Switch on iOS and Google Play.

You can check out some of the other Buildbox games that are doing well on the charts in our All-Stars section.

SPCR-x Game Dev Spotlight

Game Dev Spotlight: SPCR-x

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This week’s pick for our game dev spotlight goes to Benfont Limited for their game SPCR-x.

SPCR-X is a sci-fi themed arcade game. The objective is simple: survive the mission and protect your crew! But like most things in life it’s not as easy as it sounds. Players have to quickly maneuver past spikes and dangerous moving objects as they explore the inside of their enemy’s mothership.

There’s also a fire button located on the screen, same as the classic retro arcade shooters from the past. Players have to quickly tap on the fire button to blast away at incoming enemy ships and colliding asteroids. Speed, precision and strategy are crucial in this game. The further you get the harder you get hit.

Whether it’s flying spikes, mysterious projectiles or droves of enemy ships firing in your direction, it’s non-stop action. There’s also laser barriers that you have to shoot in order to break through. SPCR-X is a fun challenging arcade style shooter.

Here’s an exclusive gameplay trailer of this week’s game dev spotlight, SPCR-X in action:


You can check out SPCR-X right HERE.

SPCR-X was developed by Benfont Limited, which is located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. This indie game dev studio primarily releases games with themes leaning towards the sci-fi, cyberpunk and old school arcade game genre. Benfont Limited is passionate about creating fun games with a funky retro feel. The studio believes that video games are truly art and it definitely shows. Their latest games SPCR-X and Rail Runner both feature cool futuristic themes with stunning graphics.

According to Jonathan Bencomo, lead developer of Benfont Limited, SPCR-X was created in less than a month using our software.

“Thank you for such an amazing piece of software! You have reduced our costs and our times in a very significant way. Also the fact that BB is written in C++ is a HUGE plus,” stated Jonathan Bencomo.

We love to see our customers like the team at Benfont Limited achieve their game dev goals using Buildbox. Our software was designed to make it easy for developers to not only make incredible games but to also make them in a faster more cost-effective way.

If you’d like your game considered for our weekly spotlight just post a link to it on our forum in the ‘Game Showcase’ section or Tweet it with the hashtag #buildbox on Twitter. We will definitely check it out!

Wire Bounce Image

Top 25 in All Apps: Wire Bounce

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Wire Bounce has been climbing the charts. The Buildbox made game is currently ranked in the Top 25 in All Apps. At the time of this writing, it holds the #7 position in the US Games chart. Wire Bounce also broke the Top 100 in 43 different countries including the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Published by the team at Tastypill, Wire Bounce is a simple action arcade strategy game. The game’s style is simplistic but the gameplay can be quite challenging. The reviews for the game have been really positive. Players across the globe have been finding themselves addicted.

“Simple looking game but extremely addicting at the same time. The wires are pretty cool and innovative. Fantastic way to kill a few minutes here and there.” -Phil kfp

“WireBounce is easy to play and fun. You get noticeably better as you play, I’m not a phone game guy but this one is pretty addictive and entertaining.” – Nick12432wp83

“Game is crack!! Keep playing trying to beat my score💯 can’t stop bouncing. I just showed 2 friends and they are both hooked now. I need to get to the top spot.” – Ay-Ay Ron

In Wire Bounce players have to tap to bounce a dot string wire onto tiles. Each tile hit earns 1 point. Timing, speed, and reflexes are pushed to the limit in this game. The faster you bounce and hit tiles the more dangerous the path becomes. Players have to try to avoid obstacles like spikes. It’s also crucial to be accurate with each bounce to prevent from falling into a dark pit of abyss. Wire Bounce is a simple fun addictive arcade game.

It features simple one-touch gameplay, score countdown, and an assortment of unlock-able characters for players to upgrade to.

Wire Bounce is available for download today on iOS and Android!

Big congrats to the team at Tastypill on this major success. We look forward to seeing more hit games like this in the future.

You can also check out some of the other Buildbox games that are making their mark on the charts in our All-Stars section.

Swoopy Space Game Image

Swoopy Space: The New Buildbox Game Topping the Charts

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Swoopy Space was featured by Apple this week in over 140 different countries including the US, UK, France, and China. It also broke the Top 100 in the US games chart.

The Buildbox made game was created by the London based indie studio called AppDemon and published by Umbrella Games.

The feedback and reviews on this game has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s been featured 455 times on iTunes, on TouchArcade in “Hot New Games” and on the App Store Games Twitter & Facebook pages. It also made the 8th position in Apple’s ‘New Games We Love’ section in the US.

Swoopy Space Apple Feature

So … What’s so special about Swoopy Space?

Swoopy Space is a retro pixelated avoidance game, with a fun space adventure theme. In the game players are transported into the unknown depths of outer space as they guide a flying comet, collecting diamonds along their way. Players have to avoid colliding into interstellar obstacles like swirling planets, gaping black holes, firery rockets and UFOs. Tapping quickly and with precision is key to espace an untimely death.

It’s fast pace and the diverse range of obstacles make it quite challenging. The game features 24 different levels of space with each level introducing a new engaging obstacle to avoid. In addition, there’s also a wide variety of unlockable characters to choose from to keep things interesting. Players can play as a doughnut, zombie, ghost, unicorn, robot or even as an emoji. The retro style pixel graphics combined with the arcade theme music adds a nostalgic yet entertaining element as well. It’s addictive and also a lot of fun.

Some of the most noteworthy features available in Buildbox like interactive menus, portals and particle effects are also showcased nicely in Swoopy Space.

From the game’s interactive menu and the Ready -> Go countdown to the cool particle effect animations used throughout the game, it’s a great example of what’s possible with Buildbox.

“This software is very powerful. I’ve been working on app development for a long time but never had the platform to create something like this, the concept, design and codeless programming, thanks to Buildbox, was all done by myself and I hired a fantastic Chiptune producer, Chris Sinnott, who did an exceptional job with minimal direction,” said Rakesh Ram, AppDemon Founder.

Swoopy Space

Swoopy Space is currently available for download on iOS with an Android version coming soon also.

It is always awesome to see Buildbox made games like Swoopy Space dominating the charts. Congrats to the teams at AppDemon & Umbrella Games on their success.

You can also check out some of the other Buildbox games that are making their mark on the charts in our All-Stars section.

Dragonlings Game

RisingHigh Studio’s Dragonlings is Now on iOS

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The Dragonlings are here!

RisingHigh Studio has just released their latest game, Dragonlings – Baby Dragon Jump Adventure on iOS. The game features scenic multiple worlds, story and arcade modes, secret portals, simple one touch controls, and of course dozens of super-powered baby dragons.

What more could you ask for, right?!

In Dragonlings players go on an epic quest deep into the mystic realms in search of stolen magical eggs. Each player starts off their journey as Jambo the dragonling. But don’t let his cuteness fool you, he’s ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice. You’ll often find yourself practically flying as you bounce off of springs and leap from one platform to the next.

There’s also various hidden dangers like venom spitting flowers, poisonous mushrooms, bouncing bombs, and exploding lava that you must avoid. Being quick with the right timing is crucial. One wrong jump and it’s a swift untimely death for your little Dragonling.

As players progress in the game and collect stars they can also unlock new dragon characters. There’s 16 unique Dragonlings total to collect.

This game is really involved, with 45 massive stages and great graphics. It’s as challenging and fun as it is stunning. From the secret portals that lead to special levels and mini games to the submenus and immersive story worlds, Dragonlings is definitely worth checking out on iOS.

Dragonlings is also a perfect example of how you can use the multiple worlds feature, menu node system and other advanced settings in Buildbox to create beautiful complex games.

You can download and play Dragonlings now on iOS.

UPDATE: Dragonlings has already been Featured by Apple in the New Games We Love category! Big congratulations to Kevin & Jilly at RisingHigh Studio on the feature. We look forward to seeing more of the successful games that our customers are creating with Buildbox.

Dragonlings Featured

Apple features 50 Buildbox Games

Apple Features More than 50 Buildbox Games

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Wow, we’ve just hit a new milestone — Apple has featured over 50 Buildbox Games!

We also have had 52 different games break the Top 100, bringing the total to more than 100 features and chart topping hits. That’s more than all other game builders combined.

Titles like Color Switch, Switchy Sides, Slip Away, Panic Drop, Sky, Bounce and many more were all Buildbox made. Currently Buildbox is averaging 3 features per month.

However, what’s really interesting is the story behind the creation of these games, and how our customers without any prior coding knowledge have been able to crank out one hit after another.

In the Beginning, There was Bounce


Bounce GameBounce, which was released less than a year and half ago, was our first Apple feature game. It was created by a customer named Mike Davison and published by Ketchapp. With the advanced settings in Buildbox, it’s easy to quickly build out levels for rapid development and prototyping. Using the software it only took Mike 3 days to produce a working prototype of his game. He posted a video of his progress on our active forum. It happened to catch the attention of Buildbox founder, Trey Smith, who reached out to Davison to offer some helpful feedback. In only 7 days, after adding the suggested changes, Bounce was ready for release. Not only was the game featured by Apple but it also was ranked in the Top 25 US Charts for both iPhone and iPad.

Color Switch & Beyond

Color Switch, which was one of the biggest games this year, was also originally created in a single week using our software. “When I thought of the idea for Color Switch, 30 minutes later I had a demo in the software”, said David Reichelt, creator of Color Switch. Since its initial launch the game has amassed over 75,000,000 downloads worldwide. It also continues to hold its position in the Top charts.

Our software was designed to not only be fast, but extremely easy to use. The advanced features and options in Buildbox allows anyone to easily make chart topping games. Buildbox is much more than just a software, we’re also a supportive community of game enthusiasts, designers, and entrepreneurs. Our forums are used as a sounding board for ideas, valuable feedback and tips.

This milestone is just the beginning! We’re looking forward to seeing more of our customers’ games topping the charts in the months to come.

You can check out all of the 50 + Buildbox Games that are making their mark on the charts in our All-Stars section.

Top 50 Games

Top 50 in All Games: Drop Out, Color Switch, Slip Away and Switchy Sides

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The following four Buildbox games made the Top 50 of All Games in the US Charts, this week: Drop Out! #5, Color Switch #14, Slip Away #34 and Switchy Sides #48. And all of these games were created with our game creation software, which means that 8% of the Top 50 Games were made with Buildbox.

It’s really great to see our customers’ games perform so well in the charts.

Drop Out! by Blu Market is currently ranked #5. It’s an action strategy game that despite it’s simplicity is extremely challenging. In Drop Out! players must quickly tap on their screen to slow down the pace of their falling ball. The main goal is to keep the ball from colliding with the various moving platforms as it freefalls. Pace and timing is crucial.

Drop Out! is available for download on iOS.

DropOut (2)

Color Switch, which was originally created by David Reichelt, in under a week using Buildbox has amassed over 75,000,000 downloads worldwide.

At the time of this writing it’s currently ranked #14 of All Games in the US Charts. Color Switch broke previous mobile game records, when it held the No.1 spot on the U.S. charts for 27 days straight beating out Flappy Bird’s 22 day streak. The game has been ranked #1 in 98 different countries since its release.

You can learn more about Color Switch’s here.

Another game topping the charts is Fabmika Games’ Slip Away. Published by Nanovation, this arcade game has been making waves since its initial launch. The game has hit 1 million downloads in the App Store.  Slip Away has also been featured internationally and ranked in the Top 100 charts in Canada, Russia, France, and Germany. It’s currently ranked #34 of All Games in the US Charts.

In Slip Away players embark on a unique underwater mission guiding an octopus through the ocean trenches. Players have to maneuver through obstacles while avoiding the various traps that await.

Slip Away is available for download on iOS.

Published by Tastypill, Switchy Sides was created by Buildbox customer, Alexandru Csiszer. It was his first Buildbox game and since its release it has managed to reach the Top 100 in All Games on the charts.

Switchy Sides is currently listed in the Top 50 at #48. It’s also ranked #27 in the arcade and #16 in the US puzzle games category.

In the game players have to tap left or right to avoid incoming obstacles. Accuracy and reflex skills are put to the test in Switchy Sides. It’s a fun fast paced challenge.

Switchy Sides is also available for download on iOS.

It’s always great to see our customers’ games top the charts!

You can check out some of the other Buildbox games that are making their mark on the charts in our All-Stars section.

Buildbox and Heyzap

Casual Games Spotlight with Buildbox & Heyzap

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Post By Amy Choi & Tiana Crump

Casual indie games are at the core of both Buildbox and Heyzap’s mission.

Buildbox is democratizing mobile app development for dreamers and innovators around the world, while Heyzap makes it incredibly easy for developers to turn their labors of love into viable businesses. Developers using Buildbox complete their games within 2-3 weeks, with many developers creating working prototypes of their game in as little as a day. They then integrate Heyzap’s mediation SDK with just a few clicks, gaining access to a comprehensive ads monetization platform that automatically optimizes revenue generation across ad networks and countries. As the only mediation provider supported by Buildbox, Heyzap’s intuitive interface and simple integration perfectly complements Buildbox’s no-stress approach to making games.

Some of the biggest casual games (Color Switch, Ball Jump, The Line Zen) rely on both Buildbox and Heyzap to craft beautiful games, with high-powered monetization strategies to match. With the recent rise of casual games in mobile, we couldn’t help but wonder – what’s behind their success? We caught up with Fabrizio Michels of Hexavoid and Chris Goodman of A.P.E.X., who created their games using Buildbox and monetize with Heyzap Mediation.


Fabrizio Michels of FabMika Games, creator of Hexavoid

I worked as a digital designer and web developer for 15 years and it was always my dream to create mobile games. 18 days after I signed up for Buildbox, my first game was live on the App Store. My studio FabMika Games has been featured by Apple, and has reached the charts with a focus on casual, free-to-play games. “

The First Five Seconds

The biggest challenge to creating a great casual game is making it enjoyable from the first 5 seconds. The game needs to be both simple and challenging, while delivering a fun, addictive experience on the first try.

In Hexavoid, we spent quite some time setting the initial speed of the game. We first set the game to begin very slowly to allow players to get used to the controls and the obstacles. The speed would progressively increase, so that after a minute or so, it’d be quite fast paced. After some testing, we realized that the initial speed was too slow for most players, but simply speeding up gameplay in the beginning made gameplay around the one minute mark extremely difficult. Our solution was to add power-ups like “Turbo” and “Slow Down” to maintain gameplay at a reasonable pace even after a minute.”

Spice It Up

“The general premise of Hexavoid wasn’t new; lots of apps involve spaceships avoiding obstacles in an endless world. With so many apps live on the App Store, it’s near impossible to create something wholly new and different. We researched similar games prior to development and focused on formulating a unique design with appealing visuals and a palette different than that of traditional space games. We replaced coins with red barriers that must be destroyed, and opted to base scoring off of the number of barriers destroyed instead of distance traveled. These tweaks resulted in a game that’s got both “endless runner” and “shoot ‘em up” elements to it.”

Kill Your Darlings

“I designed every level of Hexavoid, but I didn’t have the last word after testing. When you work on something for months, you fall in love with some of the things you created, and it becomes tough to view your game with a critical and objective eye. I created one enemy in Hexavoid that would appear randomly on the screen, leaving a small margin of error. I absolutely loved this character, but every person who tested this build complained about it, so I eventually ended up taking it out completely. I send finished levels to a group of friends to test before the entire game is done, so I can get feedback before the core of the game is finished.

It’s also very important to continue to solicit feedback after the game is live. A lot of Hexavoid reviewers were upset about new unlocked ships being purely cosmetic, so we updated the game to have special add-ons for the new unlocked ships. This allows users to continually increase their high score instead of stagnating.”



Chris Goodman of Sublime Studios, creator of A.P.E.X.

“My brother and I started making games over two years ago during the Flappy Bird craze, with no prior experience in game development. Buildbox has allowed us to create games faster than ever–we’ve created 4 games with Buildbox with 2 featured on the App Store.”

Getting Featured

“Any game you create should be built to a potential feature standard. Many apps these days reach success without getting featured, but studios with featured games go on to have great track records. Publishers are a great way to increase your chances of getting featured; they have extensive experience with features and handle marketing and App Store strategy for you.”

Embrace the Unknown

“Knowledge is one of the biggest challenges for casual game developers. How do I build x? How can I make this look the way I want it to? Casual game developers often handle every aspect of the process themselves, so they have to learn design, programming, and marketing principles on the fly. Make Google your best friend and always be adding to your knowledge bank. The Buildbox community is very tight knit and it’s been a fantastic source of advice and inspiration.”

Find Your Inspiration

“I derive a lot of inspiration from the space in which I work; I’ll periodically redecorate the space and listen to different genres of music to change things up a bit. I play a ton of games that are on the charts or have been featured, and try to figure out the different elements that set these games apart from the rest.”

Buildbox is a powerful drag and drop game builder that allows anyone to easily make their own game without prior coding or programming knowledge. All the tools you need to create a professional looking game is inside the software, from the intuitive creator tool and multiple worlds feature to the advanced component and control system.

Heyzap Mediation gives thousands of developers the power to dynamically test mobile ad networks against each other, and automatically deploys different networks to maximize revenue. It’s free to use, and loaded with features like segmentation, detailed reporting dashboards, native ads, and more. We value transparency, so you’ll always have full access to all the data behind the decisions made by our mediation engine.


Slip Away, Risky Rooms and Springy Ball Featured Internationally

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This week, three different Buildbox games were featured by Apple in over 60 different countries, including Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, and New Zealand.

Although these Buildbox made games differ in terms of gameplay and art style, they have managed to do phenomenally well in the charts.

Slip Away

Fabmika Games’ Slip Away was published by Nanovation and features a visually stunning art style. In Slip Away players are transported to the dark depths of the ocean on a mission to lead an octopus out of the abyss.

Bubbles, spikes, lasers, bombs, and moving platforms are just a handful of the obstacles that players will encounter. To escape the ocean trenches players must strategically avoid the moving obstacles. There’s also scattered gems that can be collected to unlock different octopus characters. The game features 19 colorful unlockable characters in all.

Slip Away was also ranked in the Top 100 charts in Canada, Russia, France, and Germany.

Slip Away is available on iOS

Risky Rooms

Developed by Essendon Studios and published by Umbrella Games, Risky Rooms, is a challenging action arcade game with a simplistic art style. In Risky Rooms players must guide their character across a room scattered with dangerous obstacles and traps.

As the game progresses the traps become deadlier and increasingly challenging to clear. There are 50 insane levels to complete in total.

One of the standout features in Risky Rooms is the cool way the light and trail effects was used in the game to give the simple shapes not only movement, but a mysterious ominous vibe as well. Risky Rooms is also ranked in the Top 100 charts in Canada, Hong Kong, and India.

Risky Rooms is available now on iOS.

Springy Ball

Buildbox customer, Luca Petrucci, created an extremely addicting game called Springy Ball.  Springy Ball was featured in Luca’s home country of Italy, and is holding down the #69 spot in the top charts.   


Springy Ball is currently available for download on iOS.

It’s always great to see our customers succeed. Big congrats to both teams at Fabmika Games and Essendon Studios on their international success!

You can check out some of the other Buildbox games that are making their mark on the charts in our All-Stars section.