Top Holiday Themed Games Made With Buildbox

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Top holiday themed games

Want some fun and festive holiday themed games to play this Christmas?

In honor of the season, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite mobile games to play during the holidays. All of these fun holiday themed games were made using Buildbox. They have winter wonderlands, flying Santa Clauses, intense snowball tossing, and plenty of Gingerbread cookies to go around.

If you’re looking for a few cool mobile games to play and kill time during your break, these hidden gems on this list just might get you into the holiday spirit.  

Top Holiday Themed Games To Play

Crossing Santa: Christmas Game

Crossing Santa

Crossing Santa: Christmas Game is a fun holiday-themed game with a fresh twist on the arcade hit Crossy Road. Players get to zig-zag across town with a pair of skis on collecting candy. However this isn’t an ordinary town, it’s full of surprises and challenges. As you race through the city, you have to avoid crashing into brick walls, moving vehicles, pedestrians, deer, and other obstacles that can take Santa out. There are also magical holes that you can disappear into and teleport.

Catch the Gifts

In Catch the Gifts, Santa hit a rough bump and completely lost control of his sleigh, and now he needs your help. All of the gifts are scattered across town, and he needs to get them back so he can deliver them. You have to guide Santa on this epic rooftop run collecting all the lost gifts and candy canes before it’s too late. Players get to run across rooftops and enter random apartments while jumping from one building to the next. It’s fast-paced holiday fun.


Recently one of our Buildbox Game Spotlight picks, this holiday themed game was made by Christophe Frere and his young son, Stephane. It reached #1 in the Netherlands and appeared in a special on TV. In Pepernoot!, you race across the rooftops collecting pepernoten (a type of European holiday cookie) and chocolate candies. It’s a cute seasonal game and an excellent example of how easy it is to use our software.

Diamond Blizzard

For some exciting wintry gameplay, Diamond Blizzard transports players light years into the future on a new planet inhabited by Truzzles. These cute little critters are in search of gems hidden in snowy mountains. In the game, you have to journey through the Blizzard to collect all of the diamonds while avoiding dangerous obstacles and alien enemies called Boofies. The graphics are great in this game, giving you a real winter wonderland experience.

Bad Ass Santa

If you’re looking for holiday themed games with a little more edge, Bad Ass Santa might be right up your alley. In this festive shooting game, Santa must save Christmas from the Grinch who’s intent on stealing it. He’s sent a horde of nasty Grinchlings to take out Santa. Help Santa by shooting gifts at the invaders and protecting the workshop.

Mister Bounce

Mister Bounce is a minimalist style arcade game with a bit of wintry fun. Players have to tap to bounce their ball character onto moving platforms without colliding into spiker or other deadly obstacles. The platforms can also suddenly disappear, so you have to be quick. It’s challenging but a lot of fun to play. The further you get the more interesting new worlds you get to explore. The worlds feature a starry winter theme that’s perfect for the holidays.

Santa’s Hat

Love platformers? In Santa’s Hat, players have to help Santa’s lost hat find its way back home. You have to jump to each icy platform without falling or slipping off. The further you go, the more challenging the game gets with rising snow and the danger of an avalanche. Timing is everything as you attempt long jumps while collecting candy canes that you can use to unlock new cool playable characters.

Santa Run – Christmas Snow Rush

Grunn Games’ Santa Run – Christmas Snow Rush is a holiday runner set hours before Christmas Eve. In the game, it’s up to players to help Santa Claus find the last house on his list. Jump, run, and fly your way through a world full of dangerous obstacles including giant snowballs and icy spikes. Help Santa complete his run and collect coins along the way for a high score.

Snowball Championship 2018

Who doesn’t love a good snowball fight?! In Snowball Championships 2018, players get to participate in the biggest snowball competition of their life. The rules are simple: Throw snowballs to take out your opponents and don’t get hit. The player who manages to knock out the competition first wins! You can even slide snowy hillsides to speed up your teammates.

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Happy Holidays from the team at Buildbox!

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