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By December 7, 2018Game Showcase

This week’s spotlight is Christophe Frere’s Pepernoot! created by Christophe and his young son, this holiday-themed action adventure has hit #1 in the Netherlands and an appearance on TV.

Pepernoot! has also been featured by Apple in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, the UK, France, Canada, Russia, Australia, India, Brazil, Poland, Ireland, Japan, China, Turkey, and more. This cookie-fueled game has been featured an impressive 137 times in the arcade and adventure category in the App Store all over the world.

So, let’s take a closer look at Christophe Frere’s Pepernoot!


If you’re not from Europe, you’re probably thinking … “Peper-what?” It’s Pepernoot! And it’s actually a very popular cookie served during early December, in honor of the Sinterklaas holiday, celebrated in the Netherlands and Germany.

In the game, players have to tap to jump and guide their character over the rooftops collecting pepernoten and chocolate candies. The more cookie and sweet treats you obtain the higher your score. But, be careful. There are hazardous obstacles like windmill blades, snowmen, and flying wheels. If you get hit, it’s game over. There’s also flying mandarins that deduct five points from your score if you accidentally touch them.

Pepernoot features ten unlockable holiday characters and festive music. There are also magnets, shields, and jump boost power-ups that you can use to help achieve a high score. It’s a fun light-hearted game perfect for all ages.

So, if you enjoy arcade games and a pepernoten or two, 😉 you’ll love playing Pepernoot!

Christophe and his young 11-year-old son Stephane created Pepernoot using Buildbox. As the game began to climb up the charts, the Dutch Broadcast Foundation (a public television channel) featured their success story. The father and son duo wanted to start a fun project together. Instead of playing games like Fortnite, they made their own hit mobile game and just in time for the holidays.

Below is a short clip from the Dutch television broadcast discussing the creation of the game.

Pepernoot is available for download on iOS today!

Big congratulations to Christophe Frere and his son Stephane on Pepernoot’s success! :)

We love to see our customer’s games do well on the charts, especially when they get Featured by Apple. Our ‘spotlight’ picks are excellent examples of not only the type of games you can make with Buildbox but the level of success you can achieve as well.

As always we hope today’s spotlight, Pepernoot has inspired you! Christophe and his young game dev, Stephane, are great examples of how easy it is to use Buildbox and crush it on the charts.

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