Buildbox Game Spotlight: Orbit Strike

Orbit Strike

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Last week’s game spotlight was Orbit Strike by Popa Radu / TapMen Games. It’s a fun out-of-this-world retro style space shooter. Orbit Strike has made Top 100 in the action game category in Poland and several other countries. Apple has also featured it in the action and arcade game categories around the globe including China, Japan, UK, France, Russia, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, and more.

So, Let’s take a closer look at  Popa Radu’s Orbit Strike …

Orbit Strike: The Coolest Pixel Space Shooter

In Orbit Strike, you get to go on an intergalactic mission to save the universe, one planet at a time. Players must shoot and destroy the orbiting asteroids and troublesome aliens circling each endangered planet. A quick tap will allow you to blast away at the unwanted asteroids and invaders but be careful. If you hit the planet directly or one of your fellow astronauts that happen to be stuck in orbit as well, it’s game over.

There are over 100 challenging levels to complete in Orbit Strike. The stages become more difficult, as you progress in the game. You’ll encounter various asteroids, rotating bombs, and UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). Shooting UFOs earn players bonus points.

There’s also chance encounters with other astronauts that you’ll find orbiting among the deadly asteroids. These lost comrades are in dire need of your assistance. To free them from the orbit you have to shoot all the surrounding asteroids without hitting your friend.

The higher your score, the more funds you’ll have to unlock and upgrade your ship. Orbit Strike features eight cool, sleek design spaceships that you can unlock and play.

Overall, it’s a fun space shooter with funky pixel graphics and a retro soundtrack.

If you’re a fan of pixel-based games and you love space shooters than Orbit Strike will be your next casual gaming addiction.

Orbit Strike is available for download on iOS or Google Play.

It’s great to see our customers like Popa Radu crushing it in the App Store! He also has a hyper-casual game called Dash Up that’s doing really well on the charts that you can check out too. Learning from others success is one of the best ways to recreate your own.

Quick Game Dev Tip: Play a lot of games, study, and analyze what works. Then try to improve or add those aspects into your own games.

If you’re a Buildbox user, our game spotlights can not only inspire you but also provide you with some ideas to help you with the development of your game. You can download and play other games like these that were made using our software and get a solid feel of what you can also do using BB.

We love to see our customers find success using our software. So, big congratulations to Popa Radu’s TapMen Games on both Orbit Strike and Dash Up. 😃

So, will your game be next?  

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