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By July 2, 2019Game Showcase
Dash n' Blast

This week’s game spotlight is Popa Radu / TapMen Games’ Dash n’ Blast. It’s a fun and extremely addicting 3D arcade puzzler made with Buildbox 3. Dash n’ Blast is currently ranked in multiple countries from the Ukraine to Pakistan in the Top 100 arcade and puzzle category. 

So, Let’s take a closer look at TapMen Games’ Dash n’ Blast …

Dash n’ Blast – Become A Master Dasher! 

In Dash n’ Blast players enter a colorful 3D minimalist world with a simple objective: slide and blast all the surrounding obstacles in sight. It’s a 3D air hockey-like experience that’s super challenging. Players have to tap to glide their puck to the center target without hitting any of the rotating obstacles in the way. All colored shapes can be destroyed except for red ones. If you make it to the center mark, all the nearby obstacles will instantly explode into smithereens. However, missing the mark equals game over. 

Timing is everything in Dash n’ Blast. As you get further along in the game, the targets become more complicated. Multiple cubes, blocks, and other obstacles rotating in different directions at varying speeds, and even counterclockwise brings a whole new level of strategy into play. You’ll find yourself addicted to figuring out how to dash and blast while staying alive. The graphics in this game are stunning. Plus, as you progress you instantly unlock new puck skins and power-ups. 

If you enjoy arcade games and are up for a challenge, then you’ll love Dash n’ Blast. 

Check out the trailer below to see what it takes to become a Master Dasher!

Dash n’ Blast is available for download on iOS today. 

TapMen Games 

Congratulations to Popa Radu’s TapMen Games on the success of Dash n’ Blast. :) 

This indie game studio created the retro space shooter, Orbit Strike, also built with Buildbox too. They currently have four cool games available on iOS and Google Play. You can learn more about them and their upcoming games on their website or via Twitter

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  • Avatar Vikas says:

    Amazing I played and I really liked it

    Just one advice to developer:

    Do not use special characters in game title it’s very hard to find on AppStore.

    I was looking for the game and I couldn’t find it , eventually I had to come to this page to look for iOS link .

    Good luck 👍🏻