Bounce Breaks 2,000,000 Downloads In First Week

We’re very happy to announce Bounce has crossed the 2,000,000 download mark yesterday which was exactly 7 days after it’s release.   Averaging over 250,000 downloads per day since it’s release, this makes Bounce the fastest growing game every created with Buildbox.

The previous Buildbox record holder, Phases, received 977,000 downloads during it’s first week, and coincidentally crossed the 4,000,000 total download mark yesterday.

At the time of this writing Bounce is still hovering in the Top 50 of all free games and is available on iOS and Android.  Make sure to also check out our story of how Bounce was created and see a video of the Buildbox save file.

Want to create a game like Bounce yourself?  Try out Buildbox with the Game Business Challenge.


Trey Smith

About Trey Smith

Trey Smith is founder at and also owns a mobile game company with more than 55,000,000 downloads. 8 Games from his company have broken the Top 30 of the App Store including The Line Zen, Phases, Jump Pack and Monster Magic. Follow for updates on Facebook or Twitter.


  • Avatar vivek bartariya says:

    Hey ….
    Whats d source of income for bounce?? Ads or in app purchase??

  • Avatar Allan says:

    Hi Tiana,
    I’ve been using buildbox for a week now and I have a problem ,I cannot add the invisible buttons at my gamefield menu.I need help because I want to publish this game to the appstores.Thank You.

  • Avatar Donovan says:

    Hey Trey, if I forgot to use the buildbox program during the challenge, can I still use the program even if the challenge is over?

    • Avatar Tiana says:

      Sure, as long as your trial license is valid you may use Buildbox under the terms of use. The challenge doesn’t start until you’ve activated it. If you have any difficulty feel free to contact our support team at

  • Avatar dilan says:

    can we create games like monopoly,megapolis using buldbox?

    • Avatar Tiana says:

      Hi, creating games like megapolis and monopoly is not currently possible in Buildbox. However, you can make these types of games and more. The original games are listed for inspiration. Buildbox may not be able to make the exact games in every case.

      • Dogfight (ex. 1942)
      • Jumping (ex. Doodle Jump)
      • Racing (ex. Spy Hunter)
      • Flappy (ex. Flappy Bird)
      • 360 Shooter (ex. Smash T.V.)
      • Avoidance Wide (ex. On The Line)
      • Avoidance Lateral (ex. The Line)
      • Side Shooter (ex. R-Type)
      • Impossible (ex. Impossible Game)
      • Runner (ex. Canabalt)
      • Shooting Runner (ex. Robot Unicorn Attack)
      • Motocross (ex. Road Trip 2)
      • Platformer (ex. Cloudberry Kingdom)
      • Helicopter (ex. Jetpack Joyride)
      • Downward Bounce (ex. Jupiter Jump)
      • Sticky Jump (ex. Spike Dislike)

  • Avatar Josh says:

    Can you export to IOS with the trial version?

  • Avatar Anthony says:

    Thanks Tiana,

    Can you tell me what other games besides Bounce are made with buildbox published under Ketchapp?

  • Avatar Anthony says:

    Trey I noticed a few games by Ketchapp that have some cool features.
    Don’t Touch The Spikes how was this created with buildbox? How do you do the dual player feature and all those game options? If this is buildbox it would be an awesome tutorial!

    For other games like Spring Ninja how do yo make the mobile phone buttons that allow you to hold down to set the strength of the jump?

    On Stick hero how to you make the controls and stick extend for a mobile app?

    Thanks for any info or tutorials on these. :)

    • Avatar Tiana says:

      Hi Anthony, unfortunately a lot of these great games are published by Ketchapp who we work with to publish game through, the ones you mention are not Buildbox creations nor are the game play types supported in Buildbox. We apologize for the confusion.

  • Avatar John Decker says:

    Can you upload your own characters to use when building games on Buildbox

    • Avatar Tiana says:

      Hi John, yes you can upload your own characters. The images must be in PNG format and be no higher than 70 DPI. They should be scaled down to game size prior to import into Buildbox. Aim for iPhone 5 art standards as a baseline.