The Making of Bounce: Inside a Top 25 Game

In our previous post, we showed the evolution of Bounce and gave some backstory on how this game came to be.  In this post we will dive deeper into the level design of Bounce and share stats from the first few days.

The video below walks you through the actual creation of this game.  You’ll learn about the original design philosophy and see the Buildbox save file that was used to create the final version of the game:

Now let’s check out some stats.

Bounce has been officially featured by Apple.  It was also a trending search term and hit the Top 25 of both the iPhone and the iPad charts:

Over the firs four days we broke 1,000,000 downloads just on iOS.  This broke our previous record with our game Phases (which took 6 days).

Check back for updated stats soon on the Bounce launch.  If you haven’t played Bounce yet, then check it out free on iOS and Android.

Trey Smith

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