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By October 16, 2020Buildbox, Showcase Games

This week’s game spotlight is Balance Stuff by VRPlaying Games. It’s a hyper-casual physics-based puzzle game that takes stacking to a whole new level. Built with Buildbox, this game has been featured in action and arcade categories in the app store worldwide, including countries like France, Canada, Germany, Australia, Spain, and Russia.  

So, let’s take a closer look at VRPlaying Games’ Balance Stuff! 

Balance Stuff: A Game That Makes Stacking Fun

In Balance Stuff, players have to stack a bunch of random items with only one rule: don’t let them fall! Unlike other puzzlers where you have to place things in a specific order or match them by colors, the only thing you have to do in Balance Stuff is stack. 

There’s a table with a set number of items that you have to place in each level. Players have to tap and drag each item strategically onto the table. Items vary with each level pack, which has its own theme ranging from mocktails to buildings and more. Stack random things like cocktails, furniture, electronics, cleaning supplies, statues, and even paintball game gear. When you successfully stack all the items and clear the level, you unlock new unique items to stack in the next round. However, if any item falls off the table, it’s game over. 

Balance Stuff has a relaxing and playful vibe with an incredibly cute animated toilet paper character watching your stacking skills and reacting with every move. Combined with its upbeat tempo music, it’s a fun twist on the physics-based puzzlers. Plus, there are 250 challenging levels to complete. 

If you enjoy stacking games and a fun challenge, then you’ll love playing Balance Stuff. 

Balance Stuff is available on iOS

Congratulations to the team at VRPlaying Games on the success of the latest release, Balance Stuff. Their previous hits SwipeTrix, Puzzle Pieces Mania, and Donuts Delivery, were also all built with Buildbox. You can learn more about them and their games on their website

We hope this spotlight has inspired you! 

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