Our Ad Monetization Tutorial Videos For AdMob And ironSource

By February 5, 2020Buildbox

Learn how to better monetize your games with our Ad monetization tutorial videos. The first tutorial covers integrating Google AdMob into your Buildbox games, and the second shows you how to monetize with ironSource easily. Both of these new tutorials walk you through the entire step-by-step process, from setting up your account with the Ad networks to integrating the actual ads into your app. You’ll learn how to add rewarded video ads, banners, and much more. With Buildbox, we made ad monetization simple to make increasing your app earnings quick and easy. 

Whether you’re new to making games with Buildbox or just in need of a quick refresher course on adding monetizing your games, these tutorials will show you how to get started. 

Ad Monetization: AdMob Tutorial 

AdMob is owned by Google and is one of the largest Ad Networks in the mobile market. Its user interface allows you to create different types of ads easily and offers data and reports to help you improve you further improve your monetizing strategy. You’ll need a Google Account to integrate Google AdMob. As seen in the tutorial, all you have to do is set up your account and copy your publisher ID. Then open up your game and click the settings button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. In the project settings window, click the SDK option and choose your preferred platform and then click AdMob. Paste your publisher ID into the field and click submit to start setting up your ads. You’ll need to enter the AdMob dashboard to set up your ads and then return to Buildbox to enter the ad’s IDs into the fields. That’s it. It’s really easy to integrate. 

If you’re a Buildbox Free user, you’ll receive an invitation from 8Cell Inc. to link your account with ours. Please note that this invitation will be visible on the home screen of your Admob account. Buildbox collects a 10% fee on any ad revenue generated from Buildbox Free. 

Ad Monetization: ironSource Tutorial 

For those unfamiliar with ironSource, they’re building a growth platform for mobile game developers, offering a wide range of growth products, including an ad network, ad mediation, an ad monetization A/B testing tool, and more. As shown in the tutorial, it’s even easier to integrate. To get started, you’ll need to set up the ironSource SDK in your project. Then choose your desired platform, click the ad button, and select ironSource. You’ll also need an app key to connect your ironSource account to your game. To create an ironSource account, you’ll need to access their website. As an official partner, we’ve made it super easy to do this by adding a signup feature inside Buildbox. Simply click on it to automatically be directed to their website’s sign up page and verify your email. Enter your data, and you’re ready to start creating ads and making money with your games. However, keep in mind that only rewarded videos and interstitial ads can be integrated with ironSource into Buildbox. 

Please note that if you are a Buildbox Free user, you will receive an invitation from 8Cell Inc. to link your account with ours. 

This invitation will be visible in the home screen of your Admob Account.

Buildbox collects a 10% fee on any ad revenue generated from Buildbox Free. If you prefer, you can upgrade to Buildbox Pro and Buildbox will not collect a revenue share. 

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  • Craig Frank says:

    Hi, i see the invitation on my admob account, but will it take 10% including my other non Buildbox apps revenue that is linked to this account?

  • J.E.Moores says:

    I’ve been a BB2 subscriber for a while and self published many games on iOS/Android. I really believe I could do better with AdMob Reward Videos, but there is no field for it. Everyone tells me to use rewarded videos, but I have trouble with all the coding it requires in Xcode/Android Studio to implement. Now that BB3 has this important feature, will there be an update to BB2? Where does one check for BB2 updates… is there a URL?

  • Chawalit Jitsanorh says:

    Hi Buildbox,

    I just wondering, why Buildbox 2 has no AdMob or any rewarded video ID field like this?

    Please provide this for us.


  • Matteo Catelli Neis says:

    For some unknown reason I am not able to integrate AdMob within my game. In the AdMob tutorial video on the “Project Settings” window there’s a “SDKs” tab which is not displayed for me. I have checked my game version and it’s 3.1.1. Is it because my game is a 3D World and you still don’t have advertisement monetization available for it yet?
    Thank you,

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