November Buildbox Game Jam Honorable Mentions

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We had lots of fantastic no-code games submitted for our November Buildbox Game Jam. Our community of no-code creators was on fire with our winter holiday theme and came up with some really awesome games. Choosing only three winners was difficult. Although we did choose the final Buildbox Game Jam winners, we have to mention some of the other entries that were impressive too. 

Buildbox Game Jam Honorable Mentions 

Our team put together this cool game jam highlight reel of the honorable mentions for you to check out: 

Whoa! Isn’t that amazing? All of those games were created with Buildbox in less than 72 hours. Just think about what can be done in a week. Buildbox is one of the most powerful and easy to use game development engines out there. You can create all types of innovative and unique 2D and 3D games. And with our upcoming release of Buildbox Free, price is no longer an obstacle. Anyone can use Buildbox to turn their game idea into a reality. 

Here’s the full list of our November Buildbox Game Jam Honorable Mentions:  

  • Winter Roads by Mossaab Shuraih 
  • Holiday Playshop by AppNasty 
  • The Sledge Goes On by Dark Sandwich 
  • Skate VS. Ski by Oliver Wauters
  • Ice Ballz by Bravewarrior 
  • Candy Rush by Hiroba Games 
  • Winters Funny Box by Nicebugs Studios

And if you’d like to check out the winners’ titles, they’re currently available for pre-order or download now and listed below. 

November Game Jam Winners: 

Again thanks to everyone who participated in our Second Official Buildbox Game Jam. Don’t worry if you couldn’t join in on the fun. We’ll be having another one very soon. Be sure to sign up for our BB Free Newsletter to get notified when Buildbox Free releases and other cool surprises. 

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  • Maybe Buildbox could offer an integrated build-in-the-cloud service (say via some other existing service that does that) under special subscription for Mac/iOS code signing.
    For Android if any building is needed it could bring locally some preconfigured virtualized build environment if user asks for it and use it under the hood.
    For Windows, it could build for the deskop and also package to .appx for the store via the “Desktop Bridge” (probably already does it) if on Win10 (needs to fetch appropriate target Windows image I think)

  • Avatar Tolomeiu Eusebius says:

    hi there,

    This games have a shop were you can buy characters? If yes could any of them tell me how they did it and IF IT’S POSSIBLE WITHOUT CODE?

    Also I’ve seen there are points and coins they both do the same thing, it’s there a way to differentiate them Without Code?

    I asked the staff in emails but they don’t resply to my emails regarding this issue.

    Thank you!

    • Avatar J.E.Moores says:

      Hello in there ~ J.E.Moores here. I have used Buildbox for a year. I have self published many games to iOS and Google Play without writing any code. You simply set Actions to coin/point by checking a check box and assigning a value. I learned everything from YouTube searches. Making the game is fun. Self publishing is the hardest part because it involves learning Xcode, Android Studio… so although you will not do any coding, the learning curve doesn’t really change much. Many of the same challenges will be there. Developer costs, App Store Fees, a dot com, web hosting, physical mail box service, all this adds up when set up right. It’s a difficult business to break into, or a very expensive hobby. Since I’m just starting out I see the expense as payment for the education I’m getting. I’m investing in my brain by teaching it things. Either way, I’m having a blast chasing the dream.

      • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

        Hi J.E., that’s awesome, we’re glad you’re part of our BB community! We wish you tons of success in your game dev journey!

    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      Yes, it’s possible without code! With Buildbox, you can set actions for adding coins and point systems in your games. J.E. Moore’s advice below is great. You can learn a lot by watching our tutorials on YouTube or official tutorial section You can also get a lot of helpful tips and ask questions on our Buildbox Discord and Forum.