Buildbox Game Spotlight: Sir Vival

Sir Vival

Each week we’re highlighting a new game made with Buildbox. This week’s pick is RisingHigh Studio’s Sir Vival.

Exclusively for the iOS platform, Sir Vival is a classic retro arcade action game that’s insanely fun. Players get to guide a pixel hero named ‘Sir Vival’ and travel through various underground portals in search of bright stars and adventure. Although the goal of the game is to survive, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

In Sir Vival, you have to jump, slide, shoot, and fly your way through 30 challenging environments while managing to avoid obstacles and incoming enemies. The game also has a fast-paced portal system allowing your hero to automatically time warp to new exciting stages. Somewhat similar to the ‘old school’ arcade game Space Invaders you’ll occasionally have run-ins with invaders from space. During battles, your pixel hero will automatically fire away at enemies when you move. There are also giant boss battles that are extremely fun to play.

You always have to be moving but beware of your step. One wrong move or ill-timed jump and it’s game over. Throughout the game, you can also collect stars that help you unlock cool new characters. Sir Vival features 13 different unlockable characters. The game also has an impressive Chiptune Beat soundtrack.

If you’re a fan of Space Invaders or any of the classic arcade games you’ll love Sir Vival.

Sir Vival by RisingHigh Studio

You can download Sir Vival exclusively on iOS.

This retro pixel style arcade game has been featured 60 times on the App Store homepage in countries across the globe. Sir Vival was featured in the ‘New Games We Love’ section in the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, China, Australia, Japan, and seven other countries.

It was developed and published by RisingHigh Studios. For those unfamiliar with RisingHigh Studios, it’s a UK based indie studio founded by Kevin Wolstenholme in 2012. Joined by Jilly Duff in 2014, this two-person indie team has mastered the art of creating feature worthy games. RisingHigh has been featured by Apple in the “Best New Games” category 12 times. They’ve also received several “Get your Game on” features by Amazon.

Sir Vival is their 13th game built using our software. On the RisingHigh website, which is loaded with great content, Jilly and Kevin share their development process for the game. You can see the actual ‘Buildbox Mind-Map’ for Sir Vival and several early hand drawn-sketches they created when brainstorming the gameplay. Not only is it fascinating to see but it’s also very inspiring.

This phenomenal indie dev team also teaches many of their strategies and techniques for developing feature worthy games in their course at RisingHigh Academy.

In our previous article called Game Marketing Tips from App Experts where we interviewed some of the top game developers, Kevin shared some of his strategies for success. “Documenting your journey of building the game is by far the best way to build up some engagement, and it also has the side effect of keeping you accountable and on track time-wise,” stated Kevin. Sir Vival is an excellent example of this.

Congratulations to the team at RisingHigh Studios on Sir Vival’s success!


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  • Avatar Animo Studio says:

    How we can add a lifes for our charachter ?? please tell me how

    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      You may add lives to your character by selecting the character, at the bottom of the right bar select Add Component > Health and then scroll down and you’ll see a “Lives” Field.