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Marketability Testing 101

By | Game Marketing, Guest Post

For mobile game developers, marketability is the most important test of a new game concept. The goal is to determine whether or not the market is interested in your product before you invest in full development and global launch. With the app stores highly saturated, among a sea of competition, it is crucial for developers to not only make a good game but to make a marketable game. It is this – marketability …

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Kwalee’s Tips and Tricks for Creators: Advert Creatives on Facebook

By | Buildbox, Guest Post

In the world of hypercasual getting the adverts right is a huge key to success, and it’s why we have a dedicated creative team to make our ads here at Kwalee. We want to share some of our knowledge with you to help you get your ad creative right and get more people playing your games! So what makes a brilliant advert? First off, let’s get technical. In most cases, your ads are going to be watched by someone …

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Why Rocket Sky Became a Successful Hyper Casual Game

By | Buildbox, Guest Post | 3 Comments

While we at Kwalee have become known for developing our own global hyper casual mobile hits, including Draw it and Shootout 3D, we also publish games by other developers and Rocket Sky! has been one of our biggest publishing success stories to date. But how has the game been so successful and what have we learned from it? We were new to publishing in early 2019 when DP Space AG came to us …

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What a Publisher Looks for in Hyper Casual Games

By | Buildbox, Guest Post | One Comment

If you’re already making games in Buildbox, you may already be dreaming of reaching a massive global audience with your creations. You should be too, because it’s well within your grasp! Buildbox is a great tool we regularly recommend to those who want to create brilliant hyper casual mobile games, so if you’re already using it you’re on the right track – especially if you’re taking part in the latest Buildbox game jam! 

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